The Best of Cinema: 2015 Edition Supercut

To us, cinephiles, there’s rarely anything better to do at this butt-end of the year than to gaze back at the great and glorious time we’ve all had at the cinema and celebrate the best works that graced our silver screens throughout the calendar year. Where the rest of humanity are mindlessly splashing over seasonal wishlists of sorts, I’ve been sweating over a different kind of list this entire December – the essential, end-of-year, ‘best of cinema’ list that every film lover and critic deem immensely vital to mankind’s existence but is largely ignored by those who couldn’t care less. Because there are gifts to wrap and bloody turkey to shove into the oven and we’ve barely any time to catch up with 200 movies we’ve missed at the cineplex.

Not me. On my behalf, Christmastime isn’t complete without the de rigueur Best of Year list. That certainly trumps my season’s shopping and festive prep every time, sending my apologies to family and friends. I swear I’ll get to that Christmas shopping list once I’ve laid this motherfucker to rest. But before I can unleash The Moviejerk’s lineup by this year’s close and subsequently descend into a bacchanalia of turkey, pudding and port, here’s my supercut, my mood piece and visual paean to the Best of Cinema: 2015 Edition.

Sit back, turn those speakers up, recline in the dark and ravish the greatest cinematic moments of the year.



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