The Best of Cinema: 2017 Video Edition

What a hell of a year. Just in case you thought I disappeared into the Great Cosmic Limbo, here I am, still on track, treading on Earth but now living continental style. I’ve officially Brexited (or rather exited from Brexit), left the island last summer and moved to the dazzling Iberian peninsula where the sun shines like a dream. The Portuguese have been very accommodating, I tell you. Cinema might have taken a little drawback over these past few months, yes. I’ve been enjoying a new southern European lifestyle. Perhaps too much. But in between maintaining a profession, frolicking around the new city and getting used to the hot climes, film consumption has remained as essential as my natural bodily functions.

And what a year for cinema, too. In an age where works of television have somehow surpassed the quality of many film products (Twin Peaks: The Return and Big Little Lies are both stellar in this respect), movies have blurred between both screens, big and small. Yet I’ll adhere to my tenet in this blog and showcase works released as films, not television series.

So finally, after weeks of compiling the great and glorious moments of this year’s films, let me officially unveil to you my video tribute to 2017 cinema. For those who know, it’s become my annual end-of-year tradition to edit a video mood-piece, paying homage to the cinematic artform, and the artists and performers who enthralled me throughout the year. This video is like Christmas to me, but way more enriching and exciting.

P.S. In case you’ve missed the previous videos, you can watch them here: 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Here’s the 2017 Edition. Recline and enjoy.



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