Prometheus (2012)

It's no masterpiece - but there is grandeur in its execution and vaulting scope that could make other sci-fi genre pretenders break a sweat. Sure, it's flawed, but so were the first two Alien films. Prometheus will not change the sci-fi landscape, but it's a welcome addition to the existential sci-fi horror cinema. Nothing will quite prepare you to the year's most gut-wrenching scene so far.

‘Prometheus’ Theatrical Trailer

I don't know about you, but I am terribly excited for Ridley Scott's back-to-good-old-sci-fi project Prometheus that it's almost embarrassing. Morning's coffee was spilling from my mouth down to my keyboard without realising my jaw was agape far too long as I watched the full theatrical trailer unfolded on my screen. I got so yoked up that I played it again. And again. And then I raved about it to my colleagues, to friends, to my partner, my housemate, to people on the streets (okay, it didn't really come to that).